3/30/2010 07:39:26 am

oh,ya here is idea CALL ME!! lol

5/4/2010 09:01:25 am

do the Kathoga from the movie the relic that would be awesome

6/27/2010 07:55:33 pm

i love your style man ive been maken stuff out of cardboard since i was lil but when i saw what u did with the foam u opened a new door for me (im a huge!!! avp lover too) and my first project usen the foam is a chestburster i call C.B. its almost done and will be on youtube soon,Im socknetea on youtube.

8/31/2010 08:18:59 am

hey will you sell me an unpainted predator mask

11/3/2010 08:33:49 pm

Hi sir!
Mark Celtic Here!

11/25/2010 06:57:07 am

hey, thnxs for the comments, ok tony the kathoga would be a cool creature to make, and isiah im glad that i could inspire you ;-), and ethan what predator mask would you like? and mark hello lol

7/29/2012 10:43:28 am

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7/29/2012 10:43:35 am

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